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April 29, 2022

It's been quite a week...


Exactly a week ago, the Cerro Pelado fire started in the Jemez Mountains off Forest Road 10 - only a few miles away from my house. Fortunately I was monitoring my HAM radio and once I heard a fire had started so close to home, we started packing up to bug out. As you can imagine, I am into emergency preparedness and so my bugout bag and a change of clothing are in my vehicle at all times. This was an IMMENSE advantage at a time like this. Thanks to the gracious hospitality of one of your fellow ADC New Mexico Alumni, we had a place to stay temporarily until this thing gets sorted out. We are monitoring the situation very closely and there is still a risk to the neighborhoods in the Jemez, but the amazing fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency responders, and other resources working on this have done an incredible job. So... I still don't know what the outcome of this will be, but if you are able to lend any support to the other Jemez refugees right know, know that it will be greatly appreciated by them, and by me.

In the meantime, please do everything you can to avoid going into the mountains until this fire gets under control. We were finally able to go home yesterday afternoon, but with the admonition that we may need to leave again at a moment's notice. On the way there I already saw hikers and bikers and other folks at the Las Conchas trailhead and other areas. Due to the continued risk, the forest has been closed. As of about an hour ago, I heard Highway 4 (Jemez Mountain Trail) had been closed again due to today's extreme wind event. The wind is supposed to calm down after 9:00 PM tonight. Do yourselves, the emergency responders, and the residents of these Jemez communities a favor and please stay out of the mountains for a bit.


So what does this mean for tomorrow's class?

Thanks to the Sandoval County Fire Department allowing me to gain access to my property earlier this week, I was able to secure everything needed for class this weekend. So this class is still on!
The prevailing winds are blowing smoke from the Cerro Pelado fire East, which is keeping it mostly South of town. With the winds dying down tonight, I don't anticipate any smoke issues at the range tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

With everything going on, I came very close to canceling this class, but I've been trying to put it on for over 2 years now (Covid shut it down last time) and I was determined to make it happen.


Obiously, the fire is putting some of my inventory at risk. Although it is locked up and well-secured against unauthorized intrusion, fire is another matter. Most fire safes, (regardless what their manufacturer's say), are not all that great at withstanding extreme temperatures for the duration of most house fires, particularly in the middle of a forest fire where stopping the spread takes precedence over saving individual structures.
In the event that the fire does reach my residence, the impact will be pretty financially devastating on several fronts, and insurance only provides limited coverage on firearms typically unless they are individually listed and insured on their own policies. So... that could present a substantial delay in our growth.

However, if we do dodge the bullet on this one, there are some really exciting things cooking with our AR lineup. You already know about our custom handguards, but we might also have some co-branded ambidextrous charging handles and bolt carrier groups standard on our completed carbines.

All of your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, meditations, and other positive influences will be most appreciated!

If you are being impacted by the fire and need help, let me know! I may not personally be in a position to offer assistance right now, but I can probably find you someone who is!

Good luck everyone!


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