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May 17, 2022

Lots of news this month!

Training Status

With the Cerro Pelado fire still burning in my neighborhood (which is still at "set"), Highway 4 still closed preventing easy access from Jemez to Los Alamos, level 3 restrictions in place in Los Alamos County, and the Santa Fe National Forest closed tentatively until next year... classes for 2022 are basically over. I am glad I was finally able to make the Defensive Pistol Elements class a reality here and hold a great precision rifle class this spring. It looks like we will be limited to virtual trainings only up here until something changes. Sorry folks! I am always asking us to be good ambassadors for the armed populace. That means not starting fires when shooting or otherwise enjoying our natural areas. Steel jacketed and cored rounds are particularly risky fire-starters. Exploding targets, such as "Tannerite" can also start fires. Believe me, I understand the appeal of exploding targets, but if you use these, please be particularly careful and don't overdo it, or put exploding targets inside anything metal that can cause a fragmentation hazard.


Here it is, the very first photo of one of our completed Adaptive Defense Armory custom handguards. I should be receiving them later this week and I will be assembling some complete uppers and complete rifles with these. If you are in the market for an AR or AR upgrade, you could do a lot worse. If you have a carbine you would like to upgrade to this configuration, let me know!

I will have some ADC custom carbines with these handguards available in the next week or so. There has been a lot of interest in these, this first batch might go fast and it may be a while before my next batch. These are only available through me and are a unique, functional design you can trust.

Legal Update

You are all probably aware of the mass killing in Buffalo last week. The killer was armed with a rifle and wearing body armor. If you have been through any of my classes, you will remember we focus on 3 target zones: pelvis, chest, and head. The pelvis is not necessarily a "fight stopping" hit, but body armor generally protects from the navel up, meaning the pelvis is a relatively large, unprotected target area.

Of course, with any high-profile firearms misuse, the anti-gun crowd will rally behind it and use it as an excuse to limit your rights. It is always the irresponsible minority that empowers the authoritarians to create restrictive, and abusive policies and laws for the rest of us. Please make sure you are supporting your pro-gun organizations and writing your representatives. We must keep the pressure on. President Biden's nominee for the head of ATF will be a Constitutional disaster if he succeeds. Keep the pressure on your representatives, please!
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