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March 7, 2022

OHIO Edition


Welcome to our new newsletter format!

There's a lot of information in this edition of our newsletter, which is, as you can see, in a totally new format. Even if you haven't kept up with us recently, it will be in your interests to at least read the next section:

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If you are receiving this email, it's because you have recently subscribed to our newsletter. That said... we know that people's interests can change or you might start to find these periodic updates annoying. It is not our intention to spam anyone or include them on information that is of no value to them. This new newsletter format allows subscribers to unsubscribe without even the inconvenience of sending a terse email. So, if you have been receiving these newsletters and you no longer want to receive them, you need only click here:
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Ohio Constitutional Carry Imminent

The bill seeks to make a concealed handgun license optional in Ohio. It also clarifies how and when a person must notify law enforcement about carrying a firearm, so that an officer simply asks.
If the Governor signs this bill, the law will change in about 90 days!

Online Classes

Mike, who runs the New Mexico branch of ADC, has been experimenting with online classes with good results. He has put together online versions of our Black Rifle 101 class and our precision optics class. If you are interested in these, let us know and we will add you to the invitation list the next time we host them.

Adaptive Defense Armory

In addition to the online classes, Mike has also recently become a type 07 FFL (manufacturer) and is putting together something exciting for the AR15 fans:
ADA Lower Example
Adaptive Defense Armory Forged AR-15 lowers (mil-spec type III hardcoat anodized), and...
Custom free-floating aluminum handguards incorporating both Mlok and picatinny rails. This first batch is designed for AR's with mid-length gas systems and barrel mounted sights (like the PRI or ARMS #41). Most of these will be going on complete rifle builds (which will also be available on our Armory page), but we will be setting aside some lowers and handguards for our alumni and subscribers. As soon as these are available, we will announce them on our page and newsletters.

Ohio Classes

We haven't scheduled any Ohio classes yet this year, we are focusing more on private and small group classes in Ohio for the time being, but when we do schedule any, we will announce them in this newsletter.

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