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January 8, 2023




Our first online class of the year is Black Rifle 101. This 4-hour class is broken up into 2 sessions on January 10 and 12 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Mountain Time.

If you own an AR-15 type rifle, this class is a good refresher on field stripping, ammo selection, sight in, ballistics, cleaning, and other useful information.

If you don't own an AR-15 type rifle, but want to know more about them, this class covers the history and development of the Armalite Rifle and its evolution into the most popular (and controversial) rifle in America.

I hope to see you in class!

There is no cost to attend these online sessions!
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Session 1, Tuesday January 10:
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Meeting ID: 881 5312 1812
Passcode: 514406

Session 2, Thursday January 12:
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Meeting ID: 860 0047 4680
Passcode: 757689


The New Year is a time for change, not just those resolutions like eating healthier and gym memberships, but changing the batteries in smoke detectors and checking fire extinguishers. It is also a good time to change out your carry ammunition in your handgun and spare magazines, change batteries in red-dots and optics, and make sure your firearms are clean and in good repair.

Some things in particular to look for:
  • Bore obstructions
  • Broken extractors
  • Loose sights
  • Lint/grease/debris buildup under grip panels or in actions.
Right before the Holidays, I saw a Facebook-generated message that suggested I should share my travel plans. I had to read it a few times to make sure I saw it correctly, but sure enough, Facebook was suggesting that I post my Holiday travel plans on its platform. This is a terrible idea for a social media post. Sharing travel plans on social media is just begging someone to oblige you by breaking into your house and stealing your stuff while you are away.

I believe this signals a new trend in social media taking yet another bite out of our privacy and security.Seeing what has happened with Twitter since the Elon Musk takeover has confirmed that there has been collusion between the Federal Government and Big Tech to control the information you are allowed to share and see. What's more worrisome is what we aren't being told about the information we are sharing and seeing without our permission. If you aren't a social media user, I would suggest this isn't the time to start. If you do use social media, it's time to start cutting back or cutting it off completely. It is literally "hacking" you and the abuse potential - especially from criminals looking to exploit vulnerable information - is significant.
ADA gas Bloch


Right before I relocated from New Mexico and suspended Adaptive Defense Armory activities temporarily, I began working with my handguard supplier on some custom gas blocks for the ADC-15 rifles. Working with them to design and fabricate my handguards was such a great experience, I wanted to do more. The only drawback to my custom handguards isn't so much a problem with the handguards themselves, as it is with the gas manifold/front sight. The only ones that worked (which also happen to be my favorite folding front sights) are the ARMS #41, albeit with the minor modification of grinding off the sling tabs. A receiver-hight Picatinny rail gas block that works with these handguards would enable the user to equip their rifle with ANY metal rail-mounted front sight. These gas blocks also use a hybrid mounting system - the ONLY gas blocks on the market to use a hybrid system of a front clamping ring and a rear set-screw. This ensures a solid seal between the barrel gas port and gas block while at the same time facilitating proper front sight rail timing.

The prototype is in process now and I am supposed to have the first one in my hands in the next 2 weeks. Even though I no longer have my FFL, These gas blocks and handguards are only accessories - not firearms - so can be shipped directly to you for installation, or as a complete upper receiver assembly. I'll keep you informed as this develops.

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