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June 26, 2022

First update and status report from Idaho!

New Adaptive Defense Armory Branded Products from Battle Arms Development

Just in time for me leaving town, I know... But I received a box with some Adaptive Defense Armory LLC co-branded bolts and Ambidextrous "RACK" charging handles.

These charging handles are pretty exciting, they are designed for assymetrical charging - which, if you have been through either the online or live version of my Black Rifle 101 class, will be the way I show in those classes. Basically, rather than straddling the charging handle with your index and ring finger, you place your support hand thumb on the back of the charging handle in the middle, then hook the knuckle of your index finger in front of the latch and pull straight back from either the left or right side of the rifle (depending if you are right or left handed). With these ambidextrous models, there's no need for left-handed shooters to work through any gymnastics to run the rifle.

I didn't get a lot of these, but they are available to folks who have purchased one of my rifles. These were always what I intended the rifles to have - which would have raised the price a little, true, but it was always about providing a unique, quality product. So - if you have one of the Adaptive Defense Armory ADC-15 carbines and want to upgrade from the GI charging handle. Let me know and I will send you the particulars.

    Status of ADA LLC and ADC LLC (New Mexico)

    The last 2 months have been a little chaotic starting with the Cerro Pelado evacuation, the highway closure, selling and buying houses, leaving my position at LANL and preparing for my new role and relocation to Idaho.

    In the midst of all that, I had inventory on the books I needed to get rid of to prevent having to transfer several rifles and pistols to myself and fill out all the "multiple sale" paperwork associated with that. I hope everyone who wanted to took advantage of the great prices I was offering on everything. I was selling my carbines for hundreds less than they should have been priced at, and pistols were selling well below "minimum advertised price." If you made a purchase from me these past 2 months, take it from me - you got a deal.

    That said, I was successfully able to close out my bound book with only one rifle and one pistol that needed to be transferred to me, thus preventing the "multiple sale reporting" paperwork and preventing me from having to relocate even more guns and ammo than I already had to move.

    THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who helped me out with this, I truly appreciate your patronage, and I like knowing that these items went to ADC alumni and friends.

    The State of New Mexico does not have a "non-resident" CCW permit, therefore, when I establish residency in Idaho my New Mexico concealed handgun license will be null and void. (Which is OK for me because Idaho has Constitutional Carry - no license needed to concealed carry, basically, the Second Amendment IS my carry permit.) However, once my New Mexico CCW becomes invalid, so will my New Mexico instructor certification, which means I will no longer be able to provide any state-certified CCW training for New Mexico folks. The Los Alamos area could use another good CCW instructor. If anyone is interested, I can guide you through the process of becoming an instructor and even provide you with state-appoved curriculum and pointers on becoming a successful firearms instructor. You won't get rich, but it is important and gives a sense of satisfaction. If that sounds like something that might interest you, let me know and I can talk to you about it.

    Other than state-certified training, I will still be offering my online classes this year, especially once winter gets here. Other than my Black Rifle 101 and Precision Optics class, I will be offering some other topics. If there is anything you are interested in seeing via an online class, let me know and I will put one together!

    Some thoughts on rifle accessories...

    If you purchased one of my rifles or uppers, I want to take a few minutes to recommend some accessories you might want to consider:
    OPTICS: Even though my carbines come equipped with excellent folding sights, quality optics are an upgrade that directly impacts your performance. My 2 main choices are either a quality red-dot optic with a 2 minute-of-angle dot or a Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO). The two brands or red dots I recommend are Aimpoint and Vortex.

    When it comes to LPVO's, there are a lot of good choices out there. Vortex has a new 1-8X first focal plane optic that is a very capable and affordable entry-level scope. Better, but more expensive is one of the Trijicon Credo 1-8X first focal plan scopes. The nightforce NX8 1-8 is approaching the $2K mark, but is an incredible scope that is also compact and lighter-weight than most of the competition. Whichever one you use, I strongly recommend using a throw-lever or other quick detach mounting system. My go-to brand for these is American Defense Manufacturing (ADM).
    ILLUMINATION: You should not shoot at anything you cannot positively identify. Criminals often pick hours of darkness to commit their crimes as it gives them an advantage. Because of this, many defensive firearms uses occur in low, altered, or failing light. You could spend a few thousand dollars on top quality night vision devices, but that isn't in everyone's budget. I would hazard a guess that most folks reading this email, however, can afford a quality weapon-mounted flashlight.
    The 2 dominant brands (and the ones I am most familiar with) are Surefire and Streamlight. Surefires tend to be on the more expensive side, with one of their Scout flashlights in the roughly $300 to $500 range depending on the model and features. Add a throw lever mount from ADM and a remote switch as shown here and you can tack on another $150 or so. But...that is all the flashlight you will ever need.

    Streamlight flashlights are less expensive and they will sell you a very good light with mount for $200-ish. It probably isn't as durable as a Surefire, but I have put some Streamlights through extreme conditions and they held up just fine. I've tried some other brands, these are the brands I keep going back to.
    The handguards I designed for my carbines feature Quick Detach (QD) sling slots on both sides right behind the Picatinny accessory rails.
    In addition, the Magpul CTR stocks I equipped these carbines with feature QD slots on the left and right as well.
    These sling slots are to accommodate either 2-point or 3-point slings. 2-point slings pretty much dominate the market right now with excellent slings made by Magpul, Vickers, Blue Force Gear, and others. I don't recommend most 3-point slings, as they have a bad habit of tightening up on the shooter's torso which makes it difficult to disengage from the rifle if necessary. My custom slings are somewhere between a 2-point and 3-point design that will not tighten up on the shooter, but holds the rifle comfortable and securely with the muzzle in your "safety circle." They are designed to enable the shooter to "swim" the sling in order to facilitate shoulder transitions or completely disengaging from the rifle if necessary.

    Single point slings typically mount to a modified receiver end plate and allow the rifle to hang from this point. I find these slings very insecure and they do not facilitate positive control of the rifle. Among folks "in the know," single point slings have fallen out of favor. I do not recommend dismounting the buffer tube/castle nut/receiver end-plate assembly from my carbines to install a sling mount. The castle nuts on my builds are staked on (according to specification), thus, if you take the castle nut off, you will need to re-stake it. Also, without the right tools and training, it is likely you will damage the buffer tube while attempting to remove it. In the end, if you use a quality 2-point sling or one of my slings, this is unnecessary because you have QD points already installed on both sides of your ADC-15 Carbine.
    If you need more information or recommendations on accessories, don't hesitate to send me an email and I would be glad to help you find something.

    I am just closing out my first weekend in Idaho. I spent most of the day today changing the locks on my house and installing more latches and deadbolts. Even though I live in an area with statistically low crime, remember that there is no such thing as a "safe" neighborhood. Safety is a condition that you create for yourself and those around you through your actions and your preparedness.

    On a final note, if you have been keeping up with Second Amendment-related news, you will know that the "bipartisan gun reform" bill has recently been signed into law. This bill fell short of implementing restrictions on magazine capacity or implementing bans on semi-automatic firearms, but it does incentivize states implementing "red flag" laws, enhanced background checks, and basically criminalizes private firearms transactions. All of these have been in place in New Mexico for a few years and we know from experience that crime and violence has only gotten worse. These laws will not be enforced on the criminals (who don't purchase firearms through FFL's as a rule), but they will be enforced on the law-abiding gun owner. The passing of this law is cause for concern. You don't give big government a cookie without them expecting a glass of milk to wash it down. They won't stop there, they will be emboldened by this and will continue to push more infringements on your rights. If you are not a member of a firearms advocacy group, please consider joining Firearms Policy Coalition. The current political structure in New Mexico is solidly anti-gun and they will continue to sign away your God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights. Generations of our families shed their blood on countless battlefields to secure us these liberties, simply giving them up is a poor return for their sacrifice. For the time being, money and votes are the best ways to push back. Support pro-Second Amendment politicians and advocacy groups locally and nationally. Groups like FPC sponsor lawsuits against tyrannical state governments that have resulted in recent victories like striking down New York's laws requiring people to show "need" before being issued a Concealed Handgun License (as if living in New York isn't "need" enough!) These lawsuits have been successful at countering some of the main attacks on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but lawsuits cost money. Again, please consider joining a firearms advocacy organization if you are not already a member of one.

    ~Michael Lake
    ADC Instructor
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