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February 22, 2023

February 2023 - End of Month ADC Newsletter

TODAY this was waiting on my doorstep when I got home. Our handguard design was recognized for innovation. I wish I could tell you when the new gas blocks and other handguards will be available, but there's this little war going on over in Eastern Europe that seems to be sucking up all of the manufacturing resources to fulfill government contracts to support this little conflict.

In addition to affecting my parts availability, you need to consider the effect this will have on the rest of the industry. Accessories, ammo, components, med gear, preparedness supplies... it's all getting shipped overseas by the carton and the more this situation escalates (let's face it, with Russia withdrawing from the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and "expressing displeasure" to our ambassador for supplying US-made arms... it's only bound to escalate in the short term) the more we can expect it to impact the supply of ammunition, components, and weapons accessories domestically.

I always advise stockpiling ammo, upgrading optics and accessories, and investing in training. Ammo prices aren't what they were during the "Trump Slump" with 9mm less than $200/1000, but it has come down and there is a window of opportunity that I am BEGGING you to take advantage of. If you have a firearm with less than 1000 rounds of ammo on hand, it might as well be a paperweight. It is common to burn 1000 rounds per student in a good 2-day class. I want you to check out and and consider purchasing some more ammo. Our world has seen unprecedented changes in the past few years, and I am hoping that most of you now realize the dangers of "normalcy bias." We must consider the possibility of heretofore unthinkable situations affecting our own country, at least temporarily or in localized pockets, and be prepared for what might come.


Our online Precision Rifle Optics class was more lightly attended than I would have hoped, but it was a good class with engaged participants nonetheless. We still have a little bit of winter ahead of us, time for another online class. If you are interested in a subject you would like to see me cover on one of our online trainings, let me know and I will try to put something together before spring.

I do plan on organizing another Black Rifle 101 online class, once I set a date, I will let everyone know.



As a new firearms owner, it's easy to be discouraged by the prices of quality gear on the market, particularly optics. There are several companies offering inferior optics that advertise features over quality. They look tacticool and they are on the inexpensive side, which may be tempting, but there's a downside...

I hate to tell someone - particularly a student or friend - that an item of their gear is junk, but optics like these have put me in that unfortunate situation more than once and I felt it merited a little discussion. Here's the issue: most of these optics don't hold zero well - or at all. The reticle or crosshairs tend to shift or break. The adjustments aren't reliable because these optics are usually for airsoft guns. The glass quality is poor with very limited field of view, lots of chromatic aberration, and other distortions like field curvature that causes blurring at the edges. The mounts on such sights are often unreliable and are prone to loosening.

If you have a quality firearm, you should mount a reasonable quality optic on it. There are several brands that are economically-priced and still reasonable quality. Some examples are Atibal, Swampfox, Primary Arms, and Vortex. You may have to spend $200-$500 for a moderate quality low-variable power optic like a Vortex Strike Eagle, but you will get that back in performance and reliability. For any serious rifle, say for self-defense, survival, or hunting, you really shouldn't skimp and it would be wise to invest in an optic more like one of the higher-quality Vortex models, or something from Aimpoint, Trijicon or Nightforce.

Your optic is your guidance system for your firearm. How clearly you can see the target and reticle directly impact your speed and accuracy. Unreliable optics lead to frustration and wasted ammo on rifles that won't establish or maintain a zero. .


Adaptive Defense Armory and Adaptive Defense Concepts are now registered businesses with the Idaho Secretary of State and Department of Taxation which means I am open for business! It's been a bit of a journey shutting down the business in New Mexico and re-starting it here.

Under the current political climate, I don't foresee pursuing an FFL again any time soon, but I will still be able to market parts and accessories like handguards, barrels, gas blocks, and competition triggers without an FFL - just no more gun or receiver sales for the time being.

I am in the process of updating our website and will be putting together some of our popular products like the AR-15 field repair kits.


There are plenty of current events we should be paying attention to. Just remember that the media uses fear to manipulate people and we know, unequivocally, that there is collaboration between some elements in our government (and special interest groups) and the media to manipulate current events - and more importantly, our reactions to current events. Be aware, be informed, but remember that "fight or flight" is not a healthy mental state to stay in for long periods of time and it impairs our health as well as our ability to make good decisions.

Preparation - mental, physical, and spiritual - is the best way to keep your sanity and support good judgement in these times. Don't rely too heavily on "things" in your preparations. While materials like guns, ammo, medical supplies, and food are good to have, your best preparation is in your know-how, skill, determination, and faith.

We must keep pressure on our state and federal representatives in the midst of an anti-gun onslaught of laws that is absolutely unprecedented. It is not the time to be the quiet majority, make sure you are active in your local politics. Make sure you know what our mayors and governors and county commissioners are up to in our name. You have to ask yourself, with everything happening in the world and our country right now, what is behind all the recent anti-gun pressure?

We have train wrecks, fires, and industrial explosions sending hazardous chemicals into our air, water, and soil. We have out-of-control inflation. Judges, bought and paid for by special interests, are turning violent felons loose. Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death in the 18-45 age group. There are millions of invaders leaking across our borders (already this year there has been a 700% increase in migrants from China caught at our Southern border). We have foreign aircraft violating our airspace. Despite these factors, your guns are the problem? There are almost half-a-billion firearms already in circulation in the US, almost 42% of US households report firearms ownership. Over 10% of US adults in 43 states hold a valid concealed carry license. Despite these number, The National Safety Council reports firearms mishaps are at an all-time low of less than 1/4 of 1% of accidental deaths - less than poisoning, falls, drowning, nature hazards, or even bicycling. The states with the strictest laws are suffering from the highest levels of violent crime. After almost 90 years of progressive federal gun control legislation, it is painfully obvious that we can no longer be deceived that the anti-gun crowd is simply delusional or misguided, they won't be happy with just one more restriction, they will never just leave us alone. We have to accept that they have another agenda and they are worried that your guns are in the way, so worried they are spending billions of dollars to promote the destruction of the Second Amendment.

The message "they" want you to get is that you can't win, that it is already too late, that our adversaries are already too powerful. When you start to believe that - we lose. Don't believe it. Understand we are in for a hell of a fight to keep our rights, but we haven't lost yet. Keep the faith. If you were waiting for a moment to get off the sidelines - now is it. For an individual, this fight can seem overwhelming. We have to leverage our collective power within our communities and by lending our support to those championing our causes like Firearms Policy Coalition and Gun Owners of America. I also need to strongly admonish you that this is not a fight we can win with violence or hate. Don't give our adversaries any excuses, that is exactly what they want. We have to stay civilized.

I wish I had a brighter message for you, but hey, it's February. Hopefully March will bring more positive tidings.

"If we stop breathing, we'll die. If we stop fighting our enemies; the world will die."

~Paul Henreid as Viktor Laszlo,
Casablanca 1943

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