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August 4, 2023

July 2023 ADC Newsletter

Detonography -A thin layer of sheet explosive with the ADC logo cutout was overlaid on this brass plate and detonated. The resulting explosion formed this image. Notice the ripples and lines toward the top formed by colliding shock waves. Pretty cool, huh?!


Our Saturday, August 12 class at Fremont County Sportsman's Club's lower pistol range has been changed to Saturday, August 19th.

This highly-condensed format will improve shooters' speed and accuracy while teaching various defensive handgun skills. You will need 500 rounds of ammo for this class and extra magazines or speed loaders. Bring a group of 2 or more and I will apply a discount to the class fee for every person in your party.

Make sure you have a good holster for this class that adheres to our "SMART" Criteria:
Stays open when pistol is drawn
Muzzle is covered
Attaches firmly to belt
Retention mechanisms don't align finger with trigger
Trigger guard is completely covered
Check out our classes page for more information.


Last weekend I set up a booth in Ririe, Idaho's "Ririe Days" event. It was a good day to introduce ADC to a neighboring town while promoting training and gun safety.


Plan "B" on the gas blocks went active this week. A machine shop that specializes in firearms parts right here in Idaho Falls quoted an acceptable price and timeline, which I accepted. Many thanks to our new friends in Ririe, Idaho who helped put this deal together. If everyone holds to their proposed timelines, I should have the gasblocks complete, nitrided, and ready to sell with my custom handguards by the end of September.

I do currently have in-stock Magnamatic carbon scrapers for the AR-10 and AR-15, and I finally have some of my AR-15 field repair kits ready to go. Prices below, flat-rate USPS priority shipping of $10.

Magnamatic CRT-15 Carbon Scraper Tool

The AR15 bolt is the beating-heart of the rifle. When carbon builds up on the bolt radius, it impairs bolt function. This tool helps you safely scrape the carbon enamel off the inside and outside bolt radius without damaging the surface. Works for AR15’s and AR10’s.

$38.00 +tax = $40.28

Buy now
Magnamatic CRT-15 Carbon Scraper Tool

AR15 Field Repair Kit

This kit consists of the most commonly worn, broken, or lost parts that will shut your AR15 rifle or carbine down. Contains a firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, cam pin, gas rings, and extractor assembly with mil-spec Viton O-ring. All parts are packaged in a convenient pouch that stows in most pistol-grip compartments. Also includes a broken cartridge extractor.

$30.00 +tax = $31.80

Buy now
AR15 Field Repair Kit


Ammunition prices seem to at a plateau as low as they have been for a while. Usually this means we are one high-profile incident or piece of proposed legislation away from another panic buy and price increase. If you are purchasing your ammunition at the local gun stores, you are probably overpaying. Purchasing in bulk, online, is the way to go - for the moment. This is one of those time I plead with people to take the opportunity to stock up for training, practice, and survival. has deals on Swiss 9mm in ammo cans, 1500 rounds for $418.50 with free shipping. This is match-quality ammunition. If you order today, you will have it in time for my Idaho pistol class in 2 weeks! That would supply 3 shooters with ammo for class.

They also have Federal HST 124 grain 9mm +P ammunition in stock which is my go-to defensive ammunition for concealed carry. If you don't have good defensive ammo, this is your chance!

If you plan on taking my rifle class this October, you will need about 250 rounds of high-quality, preferrably match grade ammunition. I recommend something with an open-tip match bullet like the Sierra match king or a polymer-tip match bullet like the Hornady ELD-M or AMAX. Standard "ball" ammunition or hunting ammunition will give less than satisfactory results in a precision rifle class. Prepare now!
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