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August 16, 2023



This is a reminder that our Idaho Defensive Pistol Elements Class is this weekend, Saturday, August 19, in St. Anthony, Idaho at Fremont County Sportsman's Club's lower pistol range.
We have plenty of open spots for this class and ammo at reasonable prices should you need it. You will need about 500 rounds for this class. I have plenty of open spots in this class - which is a shame, since the firearm most people have with them for defense is a handgun, and it's one of the firearms platforms people generally have the most trouble with.

Our New Mexico Defensive Pistol Elements Class will be held Saturday, September 30 at New Mexico Big Horn Gun Club in Moriarty. There is one open spot in this class, but I could squeeze in a group of 2 if needed.

Make sure you have a good holster for these classes that adheres to our "SMART" Criteria:

Stays open when pistol is drawn
Muzzle is covered
Attaches firmly to belt
Retention mechanisms don't align finger with trigger
Trigger guard is completely covered
Check out our classes page for more information.


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