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January 14, 2022

End of January Message

I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy this winter. There's a lot going on you need to be aware of, both good news and some things on the legal front we need to keep our eyes on.

January Concealed Carry Class

We had a great turnout for our recent New Mexico Concealed Carry Class, and added a few new members to the ADC New Mexico family.
I haven't scheduled the next CCW class yet, but I am thinking early March sometime. As soon as I can set the date, I will post in on our website and Facebook page. The hybrid format we are using seems to be working out. Although we do loose a little interaction versus our in-person classes, there are compensations in the convenience and individualized range sessions.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this class, please send them to our website or have them send me an e-mail

Information from SHOT Show

The Annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show was held a few weeks ago. This show is where new products are introduced and business relationships are made.

Adaptive Defense Armory now has business relationships with:
These are all companies that make great products and if you are looking for a biometric vault, a quality AR trigger, Ammunition, or high quality pistol sights, let me know.

I will do my best to get discounts on these items for ADC Alumni.

Legal Update

FEDERAL: Anti-gun politicians in D.C. have introduced a bill targeting every gun store in the country. HR 6225 increases the burdens on Federal Firearms Licensees in an effort to make business impossibly costly and threaten the privacy of gun owners. There are also some rumblings considering forced reset triggers, with ATF supposedly issuing guidance to consider these unlawful machine guns and demand manufacturers, dealers, and owners surrender them. With the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Breyer's retirement, it allows President Biden the appointment of what we can only expect to be an extremely anti-gun candidate.

STATE: New Mexico legislators have introduced HB9, the "Firearm Owner Liability Bill" which would create criminal penalties for a gun owner if their firearm is accessed by a minor without the gun owner's permission. This bill allows for a petition for a civil fine of $1000 against gun owners by the parent or guardian of a minor who accesses firearms - even if they do so by breaking and entering.
More troublesome is HB156, a proposed ban on firearms magazines that hold more than 15 rounds, with no "grandfathering" provision. Please contact your representatives and ask them to oppose both of these bills.

LOCAL: There is no additional news regarding the status of the Sportsmen's Club in Rendija Canyon. We still are at risk of losing this resource.
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