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May 7, 2023

May 2023 ADC Newsletter


Saturday, September 30, 2023 - Moriarty, NM

This is the 1-day condensed version of our Defensive Pistol Elements class designed for basic to advanced shooters seeking to improve or maintain their defensive handgun skills. Topics: Mindset Handgun effectiveness Proper draw and presentation Increasing speed and accuracy Position shooting Reloads and malfunctions Strong hand/weak hand shooting Multiple targets Movement and use of cover Equipment List A working defensive …

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Defensive Pistol Elements - Moriarty, NM
This class will be held at New Mexico Big Horn Gun Club in Torrance County, New Mexico (not too far from Moriarty). It is approximately an hour drive from Albuquerque Airport, an hour fifteen from Santa Fe, and an hour forty-five from Los Alamos.
I am thrilled for this opportunity to bring an ADC class back to New Mexico. Class cost is $200 for members of the Big Horn Gun Club and $210 for non-members (plus tax).


ADC's first Idaho Armorer Class is coming up on June 20 & 21st. at Idaho Falls Police Department. This is a Law-Enforcement only class. Before you let that bother you as much as seeing "LE-only" bothers me, know that the material in this class is no different than what I teach in open enrollment armorer's classes, but since it is being sponsored by a LE agency and POST accredited, we want to make sure that the local agencies that want to participate have room to get their students in.

This class is about 2/3 full, so there is room for more participation from Idaho Law Enforcement, whether being sponsored by your department or coming on your own accord.


gas block
The new handguards should be back from the anodizer this week and should be shipping to me before the end of the month. Hopefully, the gas blocks are done and delivered shortly thereafter. Apparently the manufacturer needed a piece of equipment to finish the machining of these and the should be able to finish the prototype shown in yellow above this week. It's been a long journey on these, but I'm also pretty particular and meticulous about products that will bear the Adaptive Defense Armory logo.


Recently I attended a board meeting for Fremont County Sportsman's Club in St. Anthony, Idaho to see about using their range as a host facility for ADC classes. They have very nice ranges including a 300 yard rifle range and other ranges suitable for pistol and carbine. So far, things look favorable, but I will be attending their meeting later this month to get final approval and hopefully propose a class schedule. Time is flying this year, but I would like to schedule at least a Black Rifle 101 class and maybe a scoped rifle or defensive pistol elements class. The range in St. Anthony is located 40 minutes drive north of Idaho Falls.


The tug of war between pro-gun and anti-gun continues to escalate and the drama plays out in the news. Remember that the job of the media is to make people anxious and concerned because this drives sales and is what the advertisers pay for. Be careful not to let yourself be manipulatred by the hyperbole, but at the same time, have a realistic appraisal of the threats to your God-granted, Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties posed by the anti-gun crowd. Continue to keep pressure on your elected representatives, use your votes wisely, support our allies. In the wake of certain new proposed legislation to nationally ban "stand your ground" laws, suppressor ownership, the ATF "zero tolerance" attacks on dealers (which is part of a data-gathering scheme to glut their illegal gun owner's database), and the continuing fight against the arbitrary and capricious attacks on arm braces, I urge you to use these links:

If you have the ability to lend financial support to the cause, consider joining or donating to Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, or American Suppressor Association.

That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.

George Orwell
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