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May 27, 2023

May 2023 ADC Information Update


After a successful meeting with the officers of Fremont County Sportsman's Club in St. Anthony, Idaho last week, I am happy to finally announce ADC-Idaho's 2023 Class Schedule:

Black Rifle 101 - July 8, 2023

Intro to the AR-15 This 1-day workshop is a study in the AR-15 Rifle and its variants. Currently, several manufacturers are producing high-quality rifles and carbines based on this design. Proven in battle, AR-15’s are accurate, reliable firearms for competition, hunting, home defense, law enforcement, and recreational target shooting. Over 50 years after they were first designed, the demand for …

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Black Rifle 101

Defensive Pistol Elements - August 12, 2023

Defensive Pistol Elements
1-Day This is the 1-day condensed version of our Defensive Pistol Elements class designed for basic to advanced shooters seeking to improve or maintain their defensive handgun skills. Topics: Mindset Handgun effectiveness Proper draw and presentation Increasing speed and accuracy Position shooting Reloads and malfunctions Strong hand/weak hand shooting Multiple targets Movement and use of cover Equipment List A working …

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Intro to Precision Rifle - October 7, 2023

This one-day class integrates basic precision rifle theory with practical range time to build better rifle shooters. A perfect class for rifle hunters, recreational shooters, and anyone who wants to improve their rifle skills. This class is involves a lot of walking and time spent in the prone shooting position as well as various field positions. Topics Covered Include: Fundamentals …

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Intro to Precision Rifle
Fremont County Sportsman's Club is located approximately 40-minutes north of downtown Idaho Falls. They are a relatively new club with some beautiful ranges.

Our September 30 Moriarty, New Mexico Pistol Elements Class is filling up quickly. We have 3 open spots left. If you think you might be interested in this class, I'd recommend signing up ASAP so you don't miss the opportunity.

Lastly, there are still a few open spots in the June 20 & 21 Idaho Law Enforcement AR Armorer class in Idaho Falls. Registration for this Idaho POST-accredited class is open to all Law Enforcement.


The second prototype Adaptive Defense Armory AR Gasblock was received a few weeks ago and I finally got to test it out. Shown here is the "in the white" prototype in 4140 steel. The finished ones will be black nitride finished.
This 50 yard target fired only with iron sights helped confirm the correct dimensions of the gasblock. But... why bother with a railed gasblock when extra long handguards and low-profile gas blocks are available? Allow me to expound on some accuracy tidbits: AR Handguards are heavily-machined aluminum extrusions. They are not made to the same level of precision as a barrel. They can rotate, they can flex, aluminum's coefficient of thermal expansion is greater than that of the steel in the barrel... A front sight on a handguard deviates from the line of bore to different degrees whether the shooter is using a bipod, a sling, or shooting off an improvised rest. The problem is, when we are shooting, we aren't aiming the handguard, we are aiming the barrel. The purpose of free-floating the barrel is to protect it from anything that could interfere with barrel harmonics or barrel deflection due to forces applied through the firearm's external components.

You might ask why pinpoint accuracy is important for backup iron sights in a world of advanced optics. Well, I would say if you are deploying backups, you're already fighting some bad luck. Don't underestimate the benefits of having a solid backup plan.

These gas blocks are the cornerstone to really making our handguard design a truly modular AR accessory. At long last, they are in production. So it should only be a matter of weeks before they are ready to ship, which takes me to a related topic:


The next generation of Adaptive Defense Armory handguards have arrived! Shown here is one of the rifle-length versions with our prototype gasblock. These will be sold as a set with all mounting hardware and the gasblock.

Carbine Length = $220
Mid Length = $240
Rifle Length = $260

(*These prices don't include tax or shipping)

These prices are on par with other hand guards and gas blocks out there, but since you don't need to purchase additional sling QD plugs or Picatinny rail sections for lights, etc... in the end you save over $100 for the additional accessories it would take to mimic this performance in one of our competitor's handguards.
There will be some discounts for ADC alumni, if you are interested in a handguard set, let me know and I will get you a discount code.

In addition, I do have a few of the handguards that I consider "blems" where the machining is just not quite as clean as I would have hoped - most people probably wouldn't notice, but when it comes to products with the Adaptive Defense Armory logo on them, I'm a perfectionist. These minor imperfections have no impact on performance, so would be great for builds that intend to see use and get dirty. If you aren't building a "safe queen," you can benefit from some of the additional discounts I'll be offering on these.


Despite the lies and anti-gun rhetoric continually spouted by the Whitehouse and radical left, there have been some recent court victories for the Second Amendment, most importantly is the injunction against the ATF that prohibits them from enforcing their unconstitutional ban on pistol braces for parties to the law suit - namely Firearms Policy Coalition members. (I told you it was important to support this organization). That means if you are currently an FPC member, the ATF cannot enforce the pistol brace ban on you yet. The final outcome of this case is still an unknown. Even if you think pistol braces are stupid or don't own one, I recommend supporting the FPC in this case with a donation or by joining.


Memorial Day is an opportunity for us to take a break and enjoy some old-fashioned consumerism with all the great deals that are hitting our inboxes this weekend. However, let's not forget that this day commemorates those who have lost their lives in the service and defense of this nation. Let us honor the principles they died for, in particular their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are 2 of the most important instruments of human rights ever to be penned. They acknowledge the sovereignty of the individual and set boundaries on the force of government. When you see activists and politicians twisting the words of these documents to justify expansion of governmental authority, remember that these documents are sacred because they are written in blood. Untold numbers of patriots, civilian and military alike, have been sacrificed to create and sustain these documents. Particularly on Memorial Day, we should honor the legacy they to delivered to us, and wisely defend this freedom by exercising it and (in our own ways) striving peacefully to preserve it - whether that is through the power of our votes, expressing ourselves to our elected representatives, or using the power of the US legal system to push back against those who would encroach upon our liberty.

As a capitalistic society, it isn't wrong to enjoy the benefits and bounty of our nation, and a little holiday consumerism is nothing to be ashamed of, particularly if you are making an investment in support of your right to keep and bear arms. I would recommend checking out holiday deals from Geissele, Aero Precision, American Defense Mounts (use code MEMORIALDAY10 at checkout), and Midsouth Shooter Supply.
I hope you are still enjoying these updates and finding the information in them useful. If there's anything particular you'd like to see me address in future newsletters, please let me know!

“The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought.”
~Samuel Adams
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