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June 10, 2023

June 2023 ADC Newsletter

ADC Founders and Instructors Jeremy Decker and Michael Lake engaging targets in the Oregon mountains at Thunder Ranch, June 2023.
I just arrived home from a few days in Lakeview, Oregon at Thunder Ranch with fellow ADC Instructor Jeremy Decker and some long-time ADC Alumni from Ohio for a private carbine class. Even instructors (I should say especially instructors) need some training and tune-up from time to time. It was also a good time to reminisce and reconnect with old friends.

We burned through a lot of ammo engaging targets from almost muzzle contact to 700 yards including high-angle targets. I was running one of the ADC-15 carbines equipped with a Nightforce 1-8X optic, which performed admirably in both the reliability and accuracy departments.

It was also a good time to test out my experimental gas block, which performed without incident. More about those later.


AR-15/M-16/M-4 Armorer

Our Idaho Law Enforcement Armorer Class is coming up in just a few weeks. We have some great swag for the attendees and only a few open seats left. If you know any Idaho Peace Officers who are looking for an AR Armorer class, please send them our way ASAP!

Black Rifle 101

This one-day intro to AR-15s is one of our most popular classes for over 10 years. If you ever wanted to learn more about the AR-15 family of rifles, this is the class for you.
July 8th St. Anthony, Idaho

Defensive Pistol Elements

This is our standard 1-day defensive pistol class. St. Anthony, Idaho August 12th and Moriarty, New Mexico September 30th.

Intro to Precision Rifle

This one-day intro to precision rifle shooting is for anyone who wants to get more proficient with scoped rifles, and a great tune-up for hunting season. St. Anthony, Idaho October 7th.
Check out our classes page for more information.


I received notice today that New Mexico Department of Public Safety is no longer providing online training for the 2-year refresher class, you will need to find an instructor for a live class for the refresher sessions. Alas, as I am no longer a New Mexico resident I am no longer a NMDPS-certified instructor, you will need to find someone local.


If you clean rifles, you've no doubt stumbled across one of these. Depending on how long you've been cleaning rifles, you may or may not know why the cleaning "jag" has its characteristic piston or syringe plunger shape.

Prior to the 1940's small arms ammunition was made with potassium chlorate-based primers. Firing these primers resulted in corrosive compounds being deposited in the bore of the rifle. If allowed to sit, these corrosive compounds would attack the steel in the barrel and cause pitting. The best way to flush these corrosive compounds out of the barrel, was by submerging the muzzle of the rifle in a bucket of hot, soapy water and using a patch, speared on a cleaning jag, to pump water up and down the bore of the rifle - hence the baffled shape.

Lead Styphenate priming almost totally replaced corrosive primers by the late 1940's and modern cleaning solvents replaced hot, soapy water. The cleaning jag, notwithstanding, has remained as the tool of choice for forcing cleaning patches down rifle bores. When using a cleaning jag, it is important to use properly-sized cleaning patches. Using too large of a patch can make it very difficult or impossible to slide it down the bore.

Because we no longer need to pump hot water up and down the bore, a cleaning patch wrapped around a bore brush works quite well, just don't reverse the direction of the brush in the bore - this is mainly to prevent damaging the brush.
The legal battles continue to rage on the firearms front. Please continue to support pro-gun organizations like Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, and American Suppressor Association. Also remember that "owning a firearm doesn't make you armed any more than owning a musical instrument makes you a musician." Make time to train, and to practice what you have trained in.
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