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October 10, 2023
The 2023 training year is in the books! We had some seasonally-themed targets for scoped rifle class this weekend, which was a fun way to close out the training year. Couldn't make it to a live class this year? Don't worry - this winter we will be holding some online classes including our virtual Black Rifle 101 and Precision Optics Workshop. If there are other subjects you'd like to see in online format, let me know and I'll see what I can do!


This was our first year in Idaho, class attendance was a little lower than usual, but that was to be expected. In Ohio, I was teaching concealed carry classes for almost 2 years before I taught any other classes. In New Mexico, it was a full year of teaching concealed carry before I had enough folks interested in other classes. Here in Idaho, I am not teaching CCW, so I don't have the benefit of state licensing to help drive traffic in my classes. On top of that, Idaho being a "gun culture" state means convincing people who "grew up with guns" to attend training is challenging. It's difficult to get people to understand that taking a training class is better for their shooting skills than buying a new gun, optic, or gimmick.

Fremont County Sportsman's Club in St. Anthony was great to work with this year. They are a young club with nice ranges. If you are in Idaho and looking for a place to shoot, it's worth getting a membership there.

I taught in 3 states in 2023 - Armorer class at Badlands in Oklahoma, Defensive Pistol in New Mexico, and Defensive Pistol, Black Rifle 101, Law Enforcement Armorer, and Scoped Rifle here in eastern Idaho.

There are some other classes I'd like to hold next year, including an SPR/DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) class and if the range is amenable, a low-light pistol class. If you attended a class this year, one thing you can do that is really helpful is to contact the host range (New Mexico Bighorn Gun Club, or Fremont County Sportsman's Club in St. Anthony) and express your appreciation for them hosting my training classes there. Whenever we take up a range for training, it's inevitable that some people don't look at the club calendar and show up hoping to shoot. For safety and other reasons, I have to turn them away and that doesn't sit well with some people. You should see some of the angry texts and emails I get! Some of that angst also gets vented to the club boards, and if that's the only thing they hear, it makes them less likely to want to continue hosting my classes. A few positive emails to balance those out helps a lot!


The recent, horrific attack on Israel is having an impact on arms and ammo domestically. The ammo distributors are seeing increases in demand and that will, eventually, turn into higher prices. Once prices start to jump, the panic buying will set in and that will lead o sell-outs and shortages.

Given the global situation, such as if China invades Taiwan, or if there is conflict here domestically, internet attack, financial collapse... interrupted supply chains are a very reasonably-foreseeable future state. I would make sure you have a reasonable supply of ammunition, medical supplies, water purification supplies, food, cash, fuel and whatever else you need to weather the coming storm.

Purchasing from local stores is the expensive way to go. The selection is also typically limited. The only benefit to local purchasing is the ability to use cash if you are afraid of drawing attention to your ammo purchases. If that isn't a concern for you, the best prices are still from,, and


Hand guard & Gas block - Rifle Length (12")

For barrels with rifle-length (12-inch) gas systems and .750" gas block index.

$260.00 +tax (where applicable)

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Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Rifle Length (12")

Handguard & Gas block - Midlength (9")

Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Midlength (9")
Designed for barrels with midlength (9-inch) gas system and .750" gas block index.

$240.00 +tax (where applicable)

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Hand guard & Gas block - Carbine Length (7")

For barrels with rifle-length (7-inch) gas systems and .750" gas block index.

$220.00 +tax (where applicable)

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Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Carbine Length (7")


There continues to be a war of attrition in the US courts over the Second Amendment. Injunctions are being slapped back and forth, but the pro-gun side has had a few significant wins lately. I can't emphasis enough the importance of supporting pro-gun causes like Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, and The National Rifle Association.


One need only look at the recent actions of Hamas in Israel to envision the threat a "rag-tag" enemy with good funding and equipment can pose. The population of illegal immigrants - many of them from hostile countries including China and those in the Middle East - is worrisome. This isn't a time to let your guard down. In fact, I would say this is a time to ensure your personal and home security is bumped up a notch or two. Stay prepared to protect yourself and make sure you have backup-plans.
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