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October 14, 2023
I know you just received my last message a few days ago, but there are some current events you need to be aware of.
Yesterday, Hornady Ammunition Company suffered an explosion that killed one worker. While this tragic incident is under investigation, you can count on it affecting Hornady's production.
Earlier this year I mentioned the effects of the Ukraine war on US ammunition production, that war is still going on but the media has been more focused on the escalation of conflict between Israel and Hamas. Both of these conflicts have global implications, but in particular they have encouraged more people to stock up on guns and ammo. The "Day of Rage" that was planned for yesterday (that thankfully fizzled) has contributed to the panic-buying.

I hope you've been heeding my advice to purchase ammo. By being prepared before there is a shortage, you don't have to pay the high prices and you aren't a contributor to the craziness. I placed a small order on Wednesday and already by Friday the items I ordered are out of stock and the prices on everything else are climbing rapidly.


Your guns do you no good if they aren't on you when you need them. Carrying a handgun securely, covertly, and reasonably comfortably depends on having a good holster. There are several good brands out there, but I'm going to share with you 2 brands I use.
The first is the Comp-Tac CTAC Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Holster. The CTAC is the holster I use most for concealed carry and it's the one I've been using for almost 15 years.

The CTAC is a kydex holster that conceals very well and is fairly comfortable as IWB holsters go. I prefer the C-clips to these standard belt clips. The standard clips tend to snag on seatbelts and are less secure than the C-clips.

The next holster is Raven Concealment's Morrigan holster. The Morrigan is a great holster for compact firearms like the Glock 43. The Morrigan is also a kydex holster that is designed for behind-the-hip carry, not small- of-the-back carry.

Both of these holsters meet the "SMART" holster criteria:

Stays open when the gun is drawn
Muzzle is covered
Attaches firmly to belt
Retention devices don't align trigger finger with trigger
Trigger is completely covered when holstered.

Now is a good time to make a habit of carrying your sidearm. Make sure you are also carrying extra mags or speed-loaders. Don't forget to practice your drawstroke!


The introductory price on the Handguards and Gas Blocks will be expiring soon and prices on these will jump as well. If you are building or upgrading an AR, get in on this handguard deal soon!

Hand guard & Gas block - Rifle Length (12")

For barrels with rifle-length (12-inch) gas systems and .750" gas block index.

$260.00 +tax (where applicable)

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Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Rifle Length (12")

Handguard & Gas block - Midlength (9")

Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Midlength (9")
Designed for barrels with midlength (9-inch) gas system and .750" gas block index.

$240.00 +tax (where applicable)

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Hand guard & Gas block - Carbine Length (7")

For barrels with rifle-length (7-inch) gas systems and .750" gas block index.

$220.00 +tax (where applicable)

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Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Carbine Length (7")


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