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January 14, 2022
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Early February Message

Since we are all buried in snow right now - and we have some new subscribers - I though I would send out another quick update.


Don't let the February doom and gloom keep you from training. I will be hosting the online version of this class again February 15 and 16 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM each evening. This 2-evening class covers the history and development of the AR15, and guides you through proper field-stripping, cleaning, ammunition selection, sight-in, safe handling, and firing positions.

The best part: this class is FREE. If you own an AR-15, are interested in purchasing an AR-15, or just want to learn more about them, this is the class for you.
This 2-evening online workshop is a study in the AR-15 Rifle and its variants. Currently, several manufacturers are producing high-quality rifles and carbines based on this design. Proven in battle, AR-15’s are accurate, reliable firearms for competition, hunting, home defense, law enforcement, and recreational target shooting. Over 50 years after they were first designed, the demand for these rifles continues …

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Black Rifle 101 - ONLINE


For the moment, HB156, the proposed ban on firearms magazines that hold more than 15 rounds, has been tabled - but it isn't yet dead. There are some sneaky ads on social media purporting this bill to be something it isn't. The number of cartridges in the magazine isn't a contributor to our crime problem in this state, it's the number of times dangerous convicts keep being released back onto our streets.

HB9, the "Firearm Owner Liability Bill" which would create criminal penalties for a gun owner if their firearm is accessed by a minor is currently under revision. This is another bill that targets the typical law-abiding gun owner and is functionally impossible to enforce on criminals.

There are some powerful lobbies continuing to push to restrict firearms rights in this state despite their proposals having no hope at reducing crime. New Mexico passed universal background checks in 2019, it didn't reduce crime. New Mexico passed red-flag laws in 2019, it didn't reduce crime. These laws just help set the stage for gun registration, onerous taxes or restrictions, and eventual surrender or confiscation. Have no illusion, that is what groups like "moms demand action" want.

If HB9 should pass, I already have an order in for biometric gun vaults in various sizes from individual pistol cases up to small long-gun safes. These use the same fingerprint reading technology that is in IPhones ensuring rapid accessibility to your secured firearms even in the dark or under stress. If you are looking for secure firearms storage


I am working on a new batch of slings. If your AR needs a tactical sling, these are easy to use and hold your carbine safely and securely. I also have some Surefire Tactician Flashlights in stock - ON SALE during the month of February, and I have more AR15 Field Repair Kits available.

ADC Tactical Sling

ADC Tactical Sling
These slings are made with heavy-duty webbing and premium QD sling swivels with deeply-recessed buttons to prevent unintentional sling release.

$55.00 +shipping and tax where applicable

Buy now

Surefire E2T-MV “Tactician”

Dual-output LED and MaxVision Beam® reflector create a useful wall of light that fills in the space around you. 800 lumens, uses 2 CR123 Batteries.

$179.00 +shipping and tax where applicable

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Surefire E2T-MV “Tactician”

AR15 Field Repair Kit

This kit consists of the most commonly worn, broken, or lost parts that will shut your AR15 rifle or carbine down. Contains a firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, cam pin, gas rings, and extractor assembly with mil-spec Viton O-ring. All parts are packaged in a convenient pouch that stows in most pistol-grip compartments. Also includes a broken cartridge extractor.

$30.00 +shipping and tax where applicable

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AR15 Field Repair Kit


The next Gun Show in Los Alamos will be held at the Knights of Columbus hall on DP Road, Saturday and Sunday April 2 & 3. I am planning on having 2 tables at this show with handguns, rifles, ammunition, and plenty of parts and accessories. Come stop by and see me!
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