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September 17, 2023
I apologize for the unusual amount of updates this month, but I'm super excited to FINALLY announce that the Adaptive Defense Armory gas blocks are here, they're nitride treated, and they are ready to go!
If you've been waiting on that AR build or upgrade, the wait is over!
These made-in-America handguards are our own design and include optimum defensive carbine features like:
  • Free-floating design
  • Mlok® slots on the sides, bottom, and angular sections;
  • Full-length Picatinny top rail;
  • Forward Picatinny sections straddling our railed gas-block;
  • Extra real-estate for lights, lasers, illuminating modules and bipods while mounting them as far forward as possible to reduce barrel reflection and shadowing;
  • QD swivel attachment points on the right and left side;
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum barrel nut (saves an additional ~1.5 ounces over steel barrel nuts).
Equipping a standard Mlok handguard with these features would require an additional $80 or more of accessories.

Hand guard & Gas block - Rifle Length (12")

For barrels with rifle-length (12-inch) gas systems and .750" gas block index.

$260.00 +tax (where applicable)

Buy now
Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Rifle Length (12")

Handguard & Gas block - Midlength (9")

Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Midlength (9")
Designed for barrels with midlength (9-inch) gas system and .750" gas block index.

$240.00 +tax (where applicable)

Buy now

Hand guard & Gas block - Carbine Length (7")

For barrels with rifle-length (7-inch) gas systems and .750" gas block index.

$220.00 +tax (where applicable)

Buy now
Handguard & Gasblock Combo - Carbine Length (7")
The rifle-length handguards are particularly sexy. If you were lucky enough to purchase one of the ADC-15 Carbines, a companion upper-receiver with an 18" or 20" match-grade barrel and one of the rifle-length hand guards would make an excellent intermediate-range rifle capable of outstanding accuracy in excess of 600 yards.


After a short break, the Armory page is back up and running! Handguards, triggers, tools, and even some swag is posted. There are other items not listed (parts and accessories only - no firearms or receivers), but if you need AR parts like barrels or bolts, let me know.


Defensive Pistol Elements

This class is only a few weeks away in Moriarty, New Mexico. We have 1 spot left (but could squeeze in an extra if needed). If the only pistol training you have is a state concealed carry class, this class will take you to the next level.

Intro to Precision Rifle

St. Anthony, Idaho October 7th. We have about 4 available spots for this class. Interested in precision rifle shooting but don't have the gear? NO PROBLEM! I can loan you everything you need to participate in this class.
Check out our classes page for more information.


After being on the receiving end of several lawsuits and being abandoned by the Bernalillo County Sheriff and New Mexico Attorney General, New Mexico's Despot Governor has modified her emergency health order slightly to affect firearms carry in playgrounds and parks.

Here's the problem... it still exceeds her authority. It's important to listen to her words. After the astonishing remarks she made about "no right being absolute" she has the unmitigated gall to state she "has the right" to issue a public health order. Pay attention to this language! She doesn't have a "RIGHT" to take away your "RIGHTS." Part of the effort to change language is to convert our rights to "privileges." Recently, I have seen new stories with Democrats referring to the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment protections as "privileges." Except... they aren't privileges, they are RIGHTS - big difference.

Governor Grisham could assert that she has a privilege, as governor, to enact an emergency health order, and as long as it didn't abrogate constitutionally-guaranteed RIGHTS, she would be correct. For her to assert she has a "right" to abrogate your rights.... that's not mistaken language, she means exactly what she says, and it indicates a quite twisted view.

The lawsuits and pressure on her office need to continue until she is removed. The Rights and Safety of New Mexico's citizens will be at risk until the state has new leadership. It is also important, because this will send a message to would-be tyrants in other states.

On the national level, the comment period is open for the ATF's proposed ruling on the definition of a "firearms dealer." The proposed language is so vague, it would allow them to prosecute anyone for a private firearms transaction by giving them the ability to charge individuals for dealing without a license. In the meantime, the Biden Administration's "zero tolerance" policy on FFL's means more and more dealers are being closed down for minor paperwork errors. So... if they put the dealers out of business, and basically prohibit private sales, it creates a defacto registry - they know who has guns and what they have. I suggest everyone who values their right to keep and bear arms leave a comment at

While you are there, here's another proposed ATF rule you need to comment on, particularly if you are a handloader. ATF-2023-0001: The Department of Justice is proposing to amend Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (“ATF”) regulations to require that any person who stores explosive materials (reloading powder and ammunition - by the way - is considered explosive materials) notify on an annual basis the authority having jurisdiction for fire safety in the locality in which the explosive materials are being stored of the type of explosives, magazine capacity, and location of each site where such materials are stored. In addition, the proposed rule requires any person who stores explosive materials to notify the authority having jurisdiction for fire safety in the locality in which the explosive materials were stored whenever storage is discontinued. So, do you want to be forced to notify your local fire chief of the location and presence of your reloading supplies and ammo on an annual basis? Even if you have a pro-second amendment fire chief, it's a record they will be required to maintain and which will be open to inspection by ATF.
"Molon labe!"

~King Leonidas I of Sparta reply to the demand by Xerxes I that the Spartans surrender their weapons, literally "Come and take them!"
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