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October 2, 2023
We had an awesome Defensive Pistol class in New Mexico this weekend. It was good to see some familiar faces in class and great to see they have been practicing! My appreciation to Dr. Lisa and Bighorn Gun Club for hosting me! Keep up the good work down there and keep supporting each other! If you are on Signal, get in touch with me and I will add you to the ADC Alumni signal group. It's a place for ADC alumni to coordinate range trips and help keep in practice.

Our last class of the year is coming up next weekend in St. Anthony, Idaho. Precision rifle is one of my favorite classes.

Intro to Precision Rifle

St. Anthony, Idaho October 7th. We have about 4 available spots for this class. Interested in precision rifle shooting but don't have the gear? NO PROBLEM! I can loan you everything you need to participate in this class.


Some of the drills we use in pistol class that seem to be the most helpful (and enjoyable) are these:

TRACING DRILL: Use a sharpie to draw a 12 to 16-inch diameter circle on the target. Standing at approximately 3-5 yards, aim at the target and trace slowly and smoothly around the circle, about 10-seconds per revolution. After a few traces without firing, start slowly squeezing the trigger while you trace. Don't stop tracing to fire, keep tracing and squeeze the trigger gently till the gun fires. Reset the trigger and repeat, keep tracing, the gun should be in constant motion. With practice and clean trigger manipulation, your shots should strike within an inch of the circular line.

CADENCE DRILL: This drill works with carbines as well as handguns; Draw 3 squares on the target, one above the other. The top square should be about 3"X3", the middle square should be 4"X4" and the bottom square 5"X5". Standing at a distance of 3-5 yards for pistols and 10-yards for carbines, get into a solid offhand (standing) shooting position and aim at the top square. Don't forget your mechanical offset on carbines!. The goal is to fire in an even cadence. The top square is a 5-second drill, one shot per second. Count out loud: "One thousand ONE, One thousand TWO, one thousand THREE, one thousand FOUR, one thousand FIVE." Fire on the emphasized words. Next, aim in at the middle square and count the cadence: "One THOUsand ONE, One THOUsand TWO, One THOUsand," firing on the emphasized syllables. Lastly, aim in at the largest, bottom square and count off the cadence "ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE," firing on each count. This drill is designed to teach good forward-aggressive posture, proper grip or firearm interface, and trigger reset. I have an old video on this drill that helps explain it in a bit more detail:



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