Handguard & Gasblock Combo – Midlength (9″)

$240.00 +tax (where applicable)

These made-in-America handguards are our own design and include optimum defensive carbine features like:

  • Free-floating design
  • Mlok® slots on the sides, bottom, and angular sections;
  • Full-length Picatinny top rail;
  • Forward Picatinny sections straddling our railed gas-block;
  • Extra real-estate for lights, lasers, illuminating modules and bipods while mounting them as far forward as possible to reduce barrel reflection and shadowing;
  • QD swivel attachment points on the right and left side;
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum barrel nut (saves an additional ~1.5 ounces over steel barrel nuts).

Equipping a standard Mlok handguard with these features would require an additional $80 or more of accessories.

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The Adaptive Defense Armory handguard and gasblock combo was designed to optimize real estate on carbines and rifles  while mounting the front sight to the barrel where it belongs for best accuracy.

Over-the-gasblock handguards provide mounting space for backup sights on the top handguard rail, but there’s only one problem:  you aren’t aiming the handguard, you’re aiming the barrel.   Free-floating handguards on AR’s were intended to isolate the barrel and front sight from pressures applied by shooting slings or bipods, as well as to prevent interference with barrel harmonics.

Aluminum extrusion handguards all flex, mounting a sight on a handguard means any pressures applied by resting the handguard against a barricade or using a shooting sling will flex the sight alignment away from the line of bore.  The Adaptive Defense Armory handguard and receiver-height rail gasblock solves that problem by providing rail space for front sights isolated from the handguard, while incorporating forward Picatinny rails for flashlights, illumination modules, bipods, and QD sling plugs.

The middle section of the handguard features Mlok® slots to keep the gripping area slim.

The nitrided steel receiver-height railed gasblock has a unique hybrid mounting system.  The front lug is a split-ring and the rear lug uses a set-screw to ensure firm engagement to the barrel and no gas leakage.  This arrangement gives a firm connection to the barrel while minimizing the impact on accuracy.  The gasblock isn’t used as a mounting point for slings or bayonets, so no drilling and pinning is necessary.

This model is designed for barrels with midlength (9″) gas systems and .750″ diameter gas-block index.

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Carbine (7"), Midlength (9"), Rifle (12")

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