Defensive Carbine Applications

Custom Training for Advanced Shooters

The Carbine Applications class involves solving more complex problems such as shooting in and around vehicles, partner tactics, intermediate range engagements, and other advanced situations.

This class is fast paced, and involves some fairly strenuous activity including walking, running, and time spent in the prone shooting position as well as various field positions.

Prerequisite: Defensive Carbine Elements or equivalent class from another recognized school (contact us for details)

Topics Covered Include:

  • Intermediate range and precision applications
  • Basic partner and team tactics
  • Using carbines in and around vehicles
  • Position shooting and unconventional positions
  • Use of movement and cover
  • Low light applications

Equipment List

  • A functional rifle or carbine equipped with iron sights and a sling. (red-dots or low-magnification optics are also acceptable)
  • At least 5 reliable magazines (Magpul PMAG’s or GI metal mags are preferred)
  • Ammunition – 1000 rounds of quality practice ammunition. (This class will involve shooting at steel targets, please do not bring steel jacketed, steel core – A.K.A. green tip, armor piercing, tracer, incendiary or other exotic ammunition types)
  • Handgun and strong-side holster with 100 rounds of pistol ammo and at least 2 magazines
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Hearing protection (muffs, plugs, or both), and eye protection (ANSI Z.87 or MilSpec strongly recommended)
  • Water, lunch, snacks
  • Rain/Sun gear and sunscreen, or bug repellant as necessary
  • Other range gear as needed (mag loaders, tools, etc…) Load bearing gear (chest rig or battle belt) is not required for this class, but you are welcome to use them. We strongly recommend keeping extra gear to a minimum.

Course Fees and Requirements

$300 per person (+tax where applicable) payable in full on class start date.

Class Size = 8

Age Check

We hate to ask, but the statist progressives ruining the world are doing everything they can to kill Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms, consequently, if we don’t ask you to verify your age, we get shut down.