Firearms Safety for Stage and Set

This safety class is designed specifically for stage and prop use of firearms.

Taught by a Firearms and Explosives Safety Expert

This class is taught by a Certified Safety Professional with over 20 years of experience training people from all backgrounds in managing the hazards in their work environments. Our expertise in firearms and explosives includes engagement simulation systems safety and safe weapons handling principles applicable on the set as well as in the real world.

Custom training and safety plans for your project.

In addition to providing training on your specific weapons, we can assist you in writing safety plans to ensure compliance with applicable laws and local codes.

Realistic and safe firearms handling.

In addition to the safety aspects, we can coach your personnel on firearms handling and tactics to improve realism.

Latest from the Blog

Another Look at DIY Shooting Sticks

A while back Instructor Michael Lake did an excellent “DIY” on shooting sticks made from fiberglass driveway poles. This DIY is similar, however gives you another option. The fiberglass is undoubtedly lighter but also more flexible, this translates to more movement under recoil and potentially less stability. This option, which makes use of wooden dowel…

DIY Shooting Sticks

Here’s a quick and cheap way to make yourself some really good shooting sticks. Start with 3 fiberglass driveway markers from the local hardware store. These sticks are 4-foot long and approximately 1/4″ in diameter. They are available at the local hardware store for about $2.00 each usually. These sticks also have a nice point…

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